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At EasyASP.org, we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal information. We will let each user know how we will use the personal information derived from each user's access to and use of EasyASP.org and/or the Services.

EasyASP.org will track the domains from which people visit EasyASP.org. EasyASP.org will also gather screen resolution data, number & time of visits, and browser type & version information. This information is analyzed for trends and statistics.

EasyASP.org uses no personal information. User names and email addresses (as well as any additional information that a user may choose to post) are publicly available on the EasyASP.org site, unless a user elects to "opt-out" of such display of personal information.

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EasyASP.org mailing list at groups.yahoo.com abides by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use specified at groups.yahoo.com.