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  • January 20, 2004
    EasyEdit v1.8 Enters RC1
    Lots of changes are going on. EasyEdit is nearing release, EasyStyle is also coming along nicely, EasyData is shaping up. 2004 will be a year of releases. I sure hope I can support all of these products :).

    Documentation for EasyASP/EasyStyle
    Special thanks go out to JOACHIM POPPSCHOETZ from http://www.joprivatex.de for providing a german translation of the EasyDoc documentation. Joachim has also helped by providing the documentation for the next version of EasyEdit. Thanks so much for your help! Check out his website!

  • April 22, 2003
    EasyEdit v1.6 with Language Editor is released:
    another really cool software program from Eric Banker. EasyEdit is for programmer's that do not need an overloaded IDE to create great applications. Check out the product page for more on EasyEdit.

    Several EasyASP Tools Enter Second Beta:
    EasyASP today enters beta two for version 4.5. EasyData also enters second beta for version 2.0. Finally EasyStyle enters it's first beta stage for version 2.0.

  • April 11, 2002
    EasyASP has a new look:
    After 5 years of the same appearance EasyASP now has a new look. Our established users should not worry, nothing has changed just the colors. On the Discussion Board over the past year there were many people who participated in logo design voting and we greatly appreciate your help! If you have questions or comments about the new design please contact us.
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    N/A None currently available
    awards special thanks
    May 2000: FreeVBCode.com chooses Eric Banker as DEVELOPER OF THE MONTH
    April 2000: FreeVBCode.com rates Eric's code for "Display Line Numbers for a Rich Text Box Control" as Excellent! FreeVBCode.com acknowledges more excellent codewritten by Eric Banker. To view the commendations and code please go to Eric Banker at FreeVBCode.com.
    March 2000: FreeVBCode.com acknowledges excellent code written by Eric Banker. To view the commendations please go to www.freevbcode.com/best.asp.
    Jan. 1999:
    Internet Magazine www.internet-magazine.com page 80. A fantastic review of EasyASP3 was published in the January 1999 issue of Internet Magazine in the features section "Tried & Tested".
  • JOACHIM POPPSCHOETZ for all of the documentation help. Check his site out at http://www.joprivatex.de
  • Gary Flack for hosting EasyASP on his server in the UK at OptWeb.Net
  • Two Radical Technologies for registering easyasp.org domain and hosting the site on their server.
  • Thanks to Howard Martin from Koalanet for hosting the program.
  • A big thanks goes out to the programmers at VB Accelerator for all of their help.
  • A big thanks goes out to Barry Allen at WinMain Software for creating CodeMax and giving us the source.