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download easystyle  
Please be aware that if you already have EasyASP installed then you have this version of EasyStyle already and do not need to install this version. This installer is for people who want EasyStyle only.  
Files you need to download: Filename: Size:
EasyStyle version 2.0 (VB Libraries Included) EasyStyle.zip 4.08 meg
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium class computer
  • Internet Explorer 4.0+ installed
  • 32 megs of RAM
  • 10 meg HD
  • patches & bug fixes

    1) EasyEdit 2.0
    Error message:
    Stack Overflow Error Dialog
    Error occurrance:
    When opening documents larger than 1000 lines.
    Download this file EasyStyle Update and install just the EasyStyle update.
    install & upgrade  
    To install the program:
    2. Unzip the EasyStyle.zip file to a temporary folder.
    3. Run the setup program.
    4. Install the software