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what is easyedit?

Now Available!
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asyEdit offers color coded editing that allows you to expand the supported file types by creating your language with the Language Editor and specifying color properties for the filetype. You can also change the color display of existing filetypes at anytime. You don't want your HTML parameters to be red, that's no problem, open HTML in Language Editor and change the color to whatever you'd like.

Included with EasyEdit is EasyLang the Language Editor. You can use EasyLang to create and modify the language files used by EasyEdit quickly and easily.

easyedit features
  • Custom Language Support through lng files
  • New editor for advanced syntax highlighting that is fully customizable
  • Full support for advanced search and replace.
  • Bookmark support for jumping through code
  • Split pane viewing for different views of the same file
  • Use EasyLang to genereate your language files or edit the ones below:
  • Built in support for the following languages:
    1. ASP
    3. XML/XSLT
    4. C++
    5. C#
    6. Visual Basic 6
    7. PHP/PHP3
    8. Java/Javascript
    9. JSP
    10. Perl/CGI
    11. Cascading Stylesheets