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Just Released! EasyEdit 1.6

Get your hands on EasyEdit v1.6 with Language Editor, another really cool software program from Eric Banker. EasyEdit is for programmer's that do not need an overloaded IDE to create great applications. Check out the product page for more on EasyEdit.

EasyEdit v1.8 has entered Release Candidate 1. I am currently fixing the last few bugs in the code and readying for release. New features of EasyEdit 1.8 include Line Numbers in the side gutter, Change Font and Font Size, Edit various Editor properties, Updated Syntax Definitions, and many, many more.

Download EasyEdit v1.6 with Language Editor Now!

Now Available! EasyASP 4.0

EasyASP is currently a free comprehensive web editor software application, highly developed and comparable to Homesite®. EasyASP is easy to use with 4 packaged programs to aid in your site development. EasyStyle is a style sheet (.css) editor, with a point-click interface that greatly simplifies .css development. EasyData aids developers in setting up databases and connections to their Active Server Pages(ASP) code. EasyFTP is an internal FTP application that allows direct uploads to your website without leaving the EasyASP application. EasyDoc is an internal help documentation application that explains all the programs' functions and design features.

Current News:
January 20, 2004:
  • Entered RC1! EasyEdit v1.8
  • Entered Beta! EasyStyle 2.5
  • Entered Beta 2! EasyData 2.0

  • April 23, 2003:
  • Just Released! EasyEdit v1.6
  • Entered Beta! EasyASP v4.5
  • Entered Beta! EasyData v2.0
  • Entered Beta! EasyEdit v2.0

  • Contact Us:
  • Eric Banker: Programmer Extraordinare
  • Kara Kendall: Webmistress/Product Strategist
  • Cool Product Section:

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